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Title: ‘Careful reflection on one’s practice is critical to becoming an effective coach’ (Cote & Gilbert 2009; Nater and Gallimore, 2010) What is the role of a coach? Coaches help people perform tasks. Perhaps this is a very simplistic view towards coaching when in modern times we have so much academic material teaching people how to be good coaches. But how do we define a good coach from a bad one. The role of a coach takes many different forms depending on the environment in which they teach. The ultimate goal of a coach is to raise the standard, status and profile of his/her team/athlete. No one coach is the same as no one athlete is. For myself, an athlete and a coach alike over the years I’ve personally seen many different ways of coaching. Some received well, some not so much. Because of these experiences I feel it has helped shape the kind of coach I have become. However it is important to keep an open mind when coaching. We as coaches must be cooperative and open to new ideas and skills to help improve our athlete’s performance. I coach the local u12 Ladies GAA team. The reasons I got involved with the underage club was to give back to the community. When coaching children a continuous positive attitude and feedback is very motivating and encourages the young athletes to push on even when they feel they can’t. As a coach we have to remember these are children we are teaching not adults. They are the future of our game so early development of skills and passion for the sport is more important than the likes of physical fitness and harsh regimes. From studying Martens (2004) theory of three styles of coaching command style, submissive style and cooperative style I have developed a strategy for training the young athletes in my club. The team is too young to focus by themselves so we tap into all three styles to balance out the training sessions and give the players a good knowledge of the sport. The command style is characterised by the coach...
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