Coach-Player (Athlete) Relationship

Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Coaching, Participation Pages: 3 (814 words) Published: September 22, 2009
Topic: Coach-Player (Athlete) Relationship

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Marc-André K. Lafrenière, Sophia Jowett, Robert J.Vallerand, Eric G. Donahue, and Ross Lorimer. (2003) Passion in Sport: On the Quality of the Coach–Athlete Relationship PURPOSE OF THE STUDY: The purpose of this study was to explore the role of harmonious and obsessive passion in the quality of coach–athlete relationships within two cultures (British and French Canadian). Study 1 focused on the relationship between passion and the quality of the coach–athlete relationship from the athletes’ perspective. It was posed that harmonious passion would facilitate the quality of the coach–athlete relationship and that obsessive passion would be either unrelated or negatively related to the quality of relationships. Study 2 sought to replicate Study 1’s findings from the coaches’ perspective. Furthermore, Study 2 tested the mediating role of positive emotions in the relation between passion and the quality of coach–athlete relationships. METHODS AND PROCEDURES:

SAMPLE: The participants were 157 British college athletes (81 males and 76 females) engaged in popular team sports (e.g., hockey, rugby, netball). The average age of the participants was 20.23 years. The participants classified their performance level as follows: club level, county level, university level, national level, and international level. PROCEDURE: Athletes were contacted either directly or indirectly via their coaches, through a variety of means (e.g., e-mail, letter) and invited to participate in the study. Prospective participants were informed about the overall aims of the study and the requirements for participation. Participants who consented to participate were supplied with a questionnaire at the beginning of a training session; the questionnaire was then completed and collected immediately. **The questionnaire that was used was the coach athlete relationship questionnaire (CART-Q), which was used to asses the athletes...
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