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English 11
6 November 2013
The Hero’s Journey Alive and Well:
Coach Carter
A victory in athletics or academics can be a wondrous feeling, whereas succeeding in both can be incredible beyond measure. Coach Carter is a promising story about a high school basketball team and their journey through their daily lives in Richmond, California, a rough suburban city where Coach Ken Carter teaches a team and a community more than just basketball. The basketball players at Richmond high school are not completely familiar with either winning on the court or in the classroom. Coach Ken Carter, an alumnus of Richmond with numerous records in basketball, is brought in to turn the program around. With bright hopes for the future of his team, they set off in an adventure to the top.

Ken Carter, who is now Coach Carter, head coach of the Richmond Oilers, is a simple man. He owns his own sporting goods store and is a father as well. When he is offered the job to be the head coach, with little hesitation he accepts this call to adventure. Coach Carter follows a pattern that was created by Joseph Campbell, this pattern is known as the monomyth pattern. It is a common pattern that most mythic and folktale heroes follow throughout a story. After accepting the job as head coach, he soon realizes he has much work to do with these boys.

To keep the boys on track, CC requires the students to sign a contract requiring the players to hold at least a 2.3 GPA amongst other requirements. Towards the end of the season, he faces a series of obstacles, which are that the players are not upholding their contracts and CC, is forced to take brash actions due his players callow mindsets. When the situation is back under control, the players continue on with their season and the team heads into their supreme ordeal, the state playoffs. The Richmond Oilers are ranked as the lowest seed, which means they have to play St. Francis who is the number one ranked team in the state.

Coach Ken...

Cited: Coach Carter. Dir. Thomas Carter. Perf. Samuel L. Jackson, Rick Gonzalez and Robert Ri’chard. Paramount Pictures, 2005. DVD.
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