Coach Carter: Characteristics that Demonstrate Effectiveness

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Coach Carter
1. Is this teacher effective? If so, what characteristics demonstrate effectiveness? If not, what could be done to improve effectiveness? Provide examples and make connections to your own experiences and course content. Describe the teacher’s management style. Although the Coach Ken Carter is not an actual teacher in the classroom, he is a teacher on the basketball court for group of inner-city teenagers. Ken Carter shows that he has true faith in these students and their success, even when the students have the deepest doubts. As an education student at Wayne State, I was taught this statement: “The Effective Urban Educator: Reflective, Innovative and Committed to Diversity.” That statement describes Coach Ken Carter 100 percent. Reflective teaching involves analyzing what you do in the classroom, why you do it, and if this method of teaching works. It is a process of self-observation and self-effectiveness. In this movie, Coach Carter noticed that some of the students’ grades were either failing or close to failing. He reflected on what he can do as a Coach in order to help these students succeed, not only on the court, but in the classroom as well. He decided bench his undefeated team due to their poor academic results. (This is a form of punishment for the students’ receiving bad grades. They were put in a “time-out”.) Although the students were upset over this doing, they were forced to bring up their grades if they wanted to continue playing basketball. Innovative teaching means bringing new methods of learning to the classroom that will benefit the students. Coach Carter did that on the basketball court for his students. He taught the students important plays that will lead to success on the basketball court, and he also took his coaching to a higher level by forcing the students to do better academically in order to do the one thing they love the most: basketball. Being committed to diversity in the classroom means to accept the...
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