Coach Carter

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Coach Carter Essay

Movies not only serve as a source of entertainment, but they convey a message to its viewers. To convey these messages, movies relate to the viewers lives and touch on their emotions. In the movie Coach Carter, it is evident that this movie is able to communicate deep messages that influence its viewers. After watching an awful game of Richmond versus Saint Francis, Ken Carter, the protagonist, takes up the basketball coaching job at Richmond High School. Being a steadfast man, Coach Carter deals with the disrespectful Richmond basketball team by issuing contracts and imposing harsh consequences when his players are out of line. Through hard discipline, the Richmond Oilers learn the meaning of respect and teamwork. This movie illustrates that people become so caught up with winning that they forget to recognize the irrational choices they are making. To display this message the movie uses dishonesty, promises, trustworthiness, and ethics to convey the deeper meanings.

Also the driving force of this movie, Coach Carter demonstrates a positive PBA despite being provoked by negative comments from people in the community. After Coach Carter locks up the gym due to his players' bad grades, a wave of media and angry students and parents become involved. Regardless of this opposition, Coach Carter and his players have a discussion in the library. Although the players do not see eye-to-eye with their coach at first, Coach Carter then discusses why he wants his players to go to college. Unlike most people, Coach Carter did not cave in to the pressure of other people. With his unwavering personality, he made a deposit into his PBA by keeping a promise to himself. Coach Carter made a commitment to help his players realize that education is the way out of a cycle of poverty and crime. Not only does this PBA of keeping promises to yourself make Coach Carter more of hero, but this promise affects...
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