Coach Carter

Topics: High school, Richmond, California, Education Pages: 2 (627 words) Published: July 24, 2012
Characters who had the right knowledge in the movie are Coach Carter and his son Damien, thi is shown beyond doubt in the value of education to both of them. Coach Carter and his son value proper education, maturity and gentlemanly behaviour, while the rest of the school as well as the principal of Richmond believe otherwise. To them basketball is the only thing that is important. While Coach Carter and Damien’s have the right knowledge most other people at Richmond have the wrong knowledge.

The characters that had the wrong knowledge also had the wrong aims this is because the students at Richmond felt like they couldn’t do anything meaningful in their lives for the men on the basketball team, it didn't matter where they were going or where they would end up. Take Kyra she had the wrong aims because she felt like having a child as a teen was alright. While some teen moms may think they will be able to provide for the child on their own it is clear that she was not ready for the commitment of a young child. contradictory to Kyra is Coach because he took the job at richmond to change the lives of the men he coached by impacting their lives in such a positive way, he made them work towards the victories they would later get.

Living in the area around Richmond high school many students such as Cruz,, Worm and many others developed an appalling way of speech such as being rude, defiant and arrogant toward others around them. Damien spoke in a mild tone and was very respectful towards his peers and teachers.

A relevant theme in their town was one of bad conduct, characters such as Cruz set an example to other players of the basketball team. When Cruz quit the team soon after Coach Carter started he was belligerent towards Coach when he swore and mocked him. Worm showed unacceptable conduct by sneaking out to a party and then got caught sleeping around with a girl there. Good conduct was present after the lock down was over, the whole team did not play until...
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