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Topics: Management, Need, Psychology Pages: 1 (251 words) Published: March 9, 2011
Coach Boone: how do his personal characteristics, traits, attitudes, and values affect his managing style? Coach Boone has a very dominant personality. The first trait to consider is his need for achievement. Much of this stems from the pressure put on him to succeed to maintain his career, but he strives from this pressure. We learned that the best managers focus on only one thing at a time. At the beginning of the film, Boone is focused on uniting his team. Boone doesn’t splinter himself with any other priorities. Once this goal is accomplished, Boone makes a new list of what needs to be done. Since he knows that he will be fired if he loses, Boone puts winning at the top of his list and focuses on this. Boone is also very committed to his team. Since Boone is black, he values diversity and wants to create an equal playing field for all his players. Because he is the coach, Boone can use his power to manage the team in a style that promotes diversity. There are many ways for a manager to accomplish what they want. The first is to mete out resources. The resource that Boone possesses is the control to decide who plays during a game. This idea ties in with the fact that Boone can influence behaviors with rewards and punishments. Boone can reward the players by allowing them field time or he can punish them by making them run or do other exercises.
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