Co Education

Topics: Gender, Female, Education Pages: 2 (640 words) Published: November 4, 2012
Advantages and Disadvantages of Co – education
Co – education exists when boys and girls learn together in one school. It first existed in Greece because of the belief of Plato, a Greek philosopher, that co – education helps in the development of the personality of both men and women when they are put together in the same school or class. It is prevalent in many countries because of its advantages, but for some, they do not want it because of its negative effects.

In most countries, co – education is implemented because of its economic advantages. It is more economical and practical for a school to be exercising co – education than single-sex education because it lessens the number of teachers to be employed. In today’s generation, the number of male teachers is not equal with female teachers. Thus when there is a separated school for female and male students, there will be a problem on how many teachers will be employed in one school. On the other hand, when co – education is present, the number of teachers to be hired will not be a problem because an employer can have both male and female teachers in his school. Also, the employer has the chance to select competitive teachers from both male and female teachers so that the quality of education that the school offers is high. When it comes to the construction of the buildings and the school facilities, it will be more economical when there is only one school for men and women. The facilities and the number of classrooms to be constructed will be lessened.

As to the social advantages, co- education is advantageous in terms of avoiding gender – bias and creating a harmonious relationship between girls and boys. Boys do not have the feeling of dominance over girls when they are mixed up, and girls do not feel that they are lower than boys. Thus, there will be an equal treatment between the two genders. Moreover, co – education is very helpful to develop a pleasant environment between both sexes..For primary...
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