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Topics: Human, Marriage, Do not resuscitate Pages: 2 (427 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Pulling the Plug
Medical Nursing Aide
Jane Roberts
Instructor Mary Mooney
October 4, 2012

What does life support hold for a person who is living by technology of a support for a machine? The person who is ill does not have a chance of waking up and able to live a normal life. Sometimes people see life support as a lifesaver which in many cases, it can be. In this case if it was me, and I had to make a choice to take them off life support it would be a hard descsion if you know that there is a possible chance they will never come to or be in a veggie state. Life support t is a combination of machines and therapies that work together to sustain human life (

I know that life support in some case allow a person who has been ill or in accident to get up and carry on with their lives in this case Betty Jean, had punctured her heart and stop breathing twice and had no brain activity, the doctor assured Tony, there was nothing else they could done .In life we have descsion to bring life in this world not to take life. I can agree with parents as well as the husband the parents love their daughter and know parent wants to lose a child but the husband wants his wife taken off life support Betty Jean, also had a living will that stated o ventilator.

I think that Tony loved his wife so much and he followed her wishes Betty Jean, had been a nurse so she knew extent of what life support she also was active in hospice so she knew the extent of life support. Tony had to made a tough decision; I think he should of waited like the parents’ wished just a little longer there are several kinds of life support decisions rather it is ventilators or Nutrition and Hydration or (DNR) order which “Do Not Resuscitate. These are hard decisions for anyone and it best not to make this type decisions on your own. Betty Jeans, living will over power the parent’s rights but morally I would have waited just because of my own beliefs it...
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