CMGT445 Implementation Plan Presentation

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CMGT/445 Implementation Plan – Week 4
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Project Stakeholders
• David Bartmess

• Sr. Software Configuration Manager
Randy Allen
• Sr. Software Configuration Manager
Matthew McAdams
• Systems Engineer

Project Description
• The background of this project is that CCM, Inc., bought Procard, Inc., and is now looking to consolidate resources in the data server farms. • All production and UAT (User Acceptance Testing) servers will move to the Atlanta Data Center and be hosted on hardware located there. • The desired impact is to bring all servers into the same arena with the same equipment and cut back on employment costs and ease the upgrades of all systems.

Measurable Organizational Value (MOV)
• The overall goal is to move the production and UAT servers to Atlanta and have them all serviced under the Data Center server and software umbrella. • All elements of the project provide value to the organization, either through cost savings of maintaining separate server farms, to allowing for compatibility between servers and ease of bringing up new servers.

• The ROI should be reached within a couple years of the completion of the project. The cost vs benefit is relatively small, since the cost savings in separate software package deals will bring the cost down and make it easier to maintain multiple servers.

Project Scope
• What will be included in the scope of this project is:

Upgrading all offsite servers and software to current specs (i.e., Windows Server 2008 R2). Installing new virtual servers in Atlanta Data Center.
Submit requests for ACL’s for all server connectivity.
Performing Disaster Recovery functions on all new servers (i.e., install all necessary third-party software and configure appropriately).

• Installing all current project software and configure appropriately. The project’s main deliverables are:
• The completion of all new server build ups.
• The completion of all ACL connectivity issues.
• Successful startup of project software.

Project Schedule Summary
• The project schedule is liberal in respect to time for completion of each phase, because not keeping up with the project deadlines will cause problems with the development schedules as well, if the code freeze date of December 20 is not met.

• Project start date is November 5, 2014.
• Project end date is December 20, 2015.
• Timeline of project phases and milestones:

November, 2014 – Request new virtual servers and ACL’s.
December, 2014 – March, 2015 – Upgrade all existing 2003 servers to 2008 R2. March, 2015 – April, 2015 – Test and DR all new servers. April, 2015 – July, 2015 – Install all third-party software and configure as needed. July, 2015 – September, 2015 – Install all project software and configure as needed. October, 2015 – December, 2015 – Perform QA and UAT testing and make adjustments to software or configuration as necessary. December 20, 2015 – Sign off from department heads

Project Budget Summary
• Total project budget - $136,500
• Budget broken down by phase:
• Upgrade 30 servers to current specs - $1500 per server / $45000 •

• Personnel costs - $250 per person per server / $7500
Install hardware necessary to host 30 virtual servers - $750 per server / $22,500 • Personnel costs - $150 per person per server / $4500
DR of all 30 servers - $150 per person per server / $4500
Installation of all third-party and project software - $250 per person per server / $7500 • Cost of new licenses for third-party software - $1500 per server / $45000 Cost of testing and personnel needed - $250 per person per server / $7500

Quality Issues
• Connectivity between servers as needed and supported by Systems Engineering team
• Quality control of project software to be completed prior to installing on new...

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