Cmgt week 2

Topics: Security, Risk, Computer security Pages: 3 (571 words) Published: June 23, 2014

Huffman Security Service Request

David Walker
June 16th, 2014
Huffman Trucking is a national transportation company with over a thousand employees working in three logistical hubs plus headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio. Huffman’s mission is clearly stated on their employee website: to be a profitable, growing, adaptive company in an intensively competitive logistical services business environment. The company was founded in 1936 and was know as H. Huffman Trucking. It had one tractor trailer hauling loads in Cleveland, Ohio. Service request number SR-HT-001 has been requested by Huffman Trucking Company. This request is the security requirements associated with putting a benefits election system in place. The request requires the identification of risks and the mitigations necessary.

Potential Risks
“Database corruption is defined as a problem associated with the improper storage of the actual zeroes and ones needed to store you database data at the disk or IO sub-system level.”(M.K. Campbell). Database corruption comes in many forms including but not exclusively to viruses and worms. Viruses will spread from program to program causing the network to crash. Worms seek out potential areas of weakness to replicate themselves causing loss of data or damaged systems. There is Anti-corruption softwares that will help mitigate these issues, but one of the biggest issues is training employees on the proper use of the system.

Employee error or employee hacking is another potential risk. The more personal that are given access to the benefit system the more potential for risk there is. Employees make mistakes can lead to security breaches. Employees(particularly the disgruntled or ex) can hack the system to cause crashes or to obtain other employee files. To ensure this does not happen a proper firewall protection and password protection system needs to be in place.

Hacking one the worlds biggest issues when it...

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