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Dec 6, 2013
Individual Assignment 5

New Age Technology

One example of leading edge technology is Hewlett Packard and Leap Motion teamed up to embed gestures control in 11 of their computers. Leap Motion developed a system designed to enable users to control their computers with hand gestures alone, with accuracy down to a hundredth of a millimeter. HP is embedding the system into stand-alone keyboards, as well as into laptops. They also confirmed that motion control will be a part of everyday life for devices like kiosk systems, tablets, and smartphones. Another example of leading edge technology is Automobiles. Yes they come in different styles, shapes, colors, and with different features, but they will always be a need for us humans to get around. There will always be a new style or feature that is available on the next year’s models, but they are usually the same when it comes to getting you to where you need to go. Until they develop a flying car, automobiles will be one of the leading edge technology innovation in history. The auto industry continues to develop new products by always using the latest technology to do so. Examples of bleeding edge technology is the new smartphone. For example, the iPhone 5s was recently released offering a few new software updates. Updates that include a new finger print security system and eye sensors that move the web page as you continue to read. The smartphone has become one of the biggest innovations in the 21 century. Giving users access to the internet and telephone has made this product a household product. In fact, because of the smartphones, a lot of people do not have landlines in there households anymore. Each year the smartphone software is upgraded to improve on the last version, giving people a reason to stay current with new technology. Another example of bleeding edge technology is Tablets. Tablets such as the Kindle Fire, iPad, iPod, and the Nexus 7 are the new technology trend that has...

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