CMGT 400 Week 4 The Role of Information Security Policy

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This paperwork contains CMGT 400 Week 4 The Role of Information Security Policy
General Questions - General General Questions
CMGT/400 Entire Course

CMGT/400 Week 1

Week 1 Discussion Question 1

What is the mindset required to properly protect information? What role does reasoned paranoia play in the minded and how can an individual keep the proper balance between protecting information and enabling business?

Week 1 Discussion Question 2

How can information be an asset in a company? Discuss three different examples of information that should be protected by a company and not exposed. Include several examples of what management could do to protect each example.

CMGT/400 Week 2

Individual Assignment

Note. The Week Two assignment has been identified as a tool to assist in the university’s Programmatic Assessment Project. As such, completed student assignments may be periodically sampled for program analysis purposes. To assist in maintaining the integrity of the data collected, do not change the content of this assignment. Please delete this note before submitting to students.

Write a 1,000- to 1,500-word paper on at least three major information security threats that a specific organization you choose faces today.

Describe potential risks to the information and the related vulnerabilities within the organization. Identify the forces that drive each threat and the related vulnerabilities. 

Discuss how the values for threat and vulnerability combine to indicate the overall risk the organization faces. 

Describe how an organization can properly manage its information security efforts using proper risk management techniques and cost-benefit analyses for these information security efforts.

Explain the legal, ethical, and regulatory requirements for protecting data.

Team Assignment

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