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Hi everyone, I’m really excited for the opportunity to run today, and for the possibility of serving as your junior on board.
A year and a half ago when I started at Dulaney, I was overwhelmed by everything from the zoo-like hallways, the stress from the workload, the teachers that drove me crazy, and my sister telling me that the next year would be worse. With everything so new and unfamiliar, I needed somewhere to belong to, somewhere to do something actually fun. And that’s when I was introduced to Key Club by my stereotypical Asian friends. Designing keys would be a fun club to join, I thought. I could become a locksmith, and be able to pop any lock that was put my way.

But in all seriousness, I wasn't looking to become a locksmith just looking for somewhere to escape the craziness of high school. And after the first couple meetings, I realized that I was wrong. Key Club isn’t an escape from craziness at all, this club hosts some of the craziest people in the school, which just makes the club more exciting and welcoming. It wasn’t long at all before I had made all sorts of new friends and got to experience so many awesome events, like Soup Kitchen, Car washing, and MPT. I did as much as I could for some of these events, but key club did a lot more for me. You get so many quality attributes and you become an all-around better person for your school and community. Twenty dollars is a steal for a club like this one. I didn't just participate in these events, I learned from them and gradually became a key clubber, and now I am asking YOU to let me have the chance to do more in this great club, by voting Andrew Abell for Junior on Board.
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