Club Behavior

Topics: Trousers, Nightclub, Security guard Pages: 1 (310 words) Published: March 16, 2008
When you mention the word nightclub to most people the deep reflections that might cross their minds would be alcohol, drugs, and extreme secondhand smoke. Some also feel endangered by gangs, fights, and shoot-outs. However there are a great number of nightclubs that suit our identical yet diverse population and are some what pleasing to the public. These clubs are recognized as upscale clubs. Upscale clubs are nightclubs that have the same entertainment as ordinary clubs but have dissimilarity in dress codes, cost and maturity level. Some upscale club owners are convinced that if their customers are dressed in a button up shirt and slacks versus a white T-shirt and jeans that they are less likely to partake in any physical conflict. Owners also jack the price up on the entry fee to accommodate things such as the expenses and quality of the club.

One example of an upscale club is a nightclub called City Lights in Killeen, Texas. The cost to enter this club will cost you a pretty penny. For the ladies it's only ten dollars but for the gentlemen it's twenty dollars and up. When you first enter the club you know it's upscale because they valet park and the security is heavy. The dance floor is bigger than an average club and it's all surrounded by mirrors. The VIP area is upstairs with extra security guards and waitresses to transport at your command. The kitchen is laid with expensive marble and stainless steel. The owner hired two chefs to cook and supervise every special dish to standard. The club is also equipped with two bars, one on the main floor and the other upstairs with VIP.

Many customers say despite the cost and dress code City Lights is a safe place to really unwind and have a good time.
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