CLS 102 Essay

Topics: Culture, Reality television, Television Pages: 3 (982 words) Published: May 3, 2014
Kyle Costner
CLS 102
April 26th 2014
Steven Tuck
U.S. Spectacle Assignment

Throughout the years societies have expressed their cultural values through various spectacles. In America there are spectacles that occur everyday all across the country. They range from very large venues that holds many viewers and or people watch on television or smaller spectacles that have less people watching. Every little detail about the event including who attends or watches the spectacle expresses our country’s cultural values, as well as the experience the viewer has and prizes given out. These are just a few of the many traits of a spectacle that show off the society’s culture. One U.S. spectacle I would like to focus in a bit more detail is American Idol. This is a television show that is a competition between upcoming singers from 18 years of age to 99 that have the dream of becoming the newest and hottest artist. The way the competition works is in the beginning there are many contestants that come and try out. The fact that this is an open competition that anyone may tryout shows the openness to the spectacle by the public to be involved. There are no requirements for a person to try out for American Idol. This shows that our culture allows male female and people from any social class to participate in the event. There are four judges who are generally famous artist or producers that take a vote to either reject them or move the contestant on to the next round of voting. Having these noteworthy people serve as judges for the competition help moderate it as well as draw a bigger crowd to watch the show. These people are seen as prominent figures in our culture because they are successful in the music industry. As the competition moves farther along the judges stop playing such a huge role in judging who moves on and the transition moves toward the video audience. The people who watch the show from their home have the chance to vote for which...
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