Clown Phobias

Topics: Phobia, Fear, Panic attack Pages: 3 (709 words) Published: April 22, 2014

Clown Phobias
Tamarra Nelson
Sociology 120

Demetris Chaney
February 19, 2014
Clown Phobias
I interviewed several people over and under 40 year olds and most of them have the same input on clowns but there was a few that had a very bad experiences and do not like clowns at all. Most of the over 40 really liked clowns and had no problems with them and thought it was weird that people would be scared of them. I interviewed 2 different ladies that was under 40 to be precise they are both actually in the 20’s and they are very scared to death of clowns because of something there fathers use to do to them when they were babies. My take on it is that if you never really had something done to you bad with it they had no problems whereas the other two girls had bad experience from loved ones to make them have their fear phobia of clowns. I interviewed about 10 different people of all different ages just to get a good aspect of how everyone feels about clowns the good old Facebook helped me with this question because I can ask it once and get several people to answer all in one spot. I found it interesting that most people that do not like clowns are only because of personal reason, that have happened to them when there were a lot younger. Everyone that has not had any personal experiences is perfectly fine with clowns. Now I have also talked to my husband about clowns and he is under 40 and he is not scared of clowns nor does he like them. He says that they are supposed to put off this funny type and he does not think of them as funny. I found a website that states coulrophobia a fear of clowns, is usually brought on from a traumatic experience at a very early age in life. I total agree with this web site because out of everyone I did interviewed everyone was ok with clowns besides two young ladies who had a very bad experience with the fathers dealing with clowns when they were very young. It did not have anything to actually do with...

Cited: Coulrophobia. (n.d.). Retrieved February 19, 2014, from Do you fear clowns:
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