Cloudstreet, Tim Winton

Topics: Meaning of life, Life, Fiction Pages: 3 (1188 words) Published: October 8, 1999
Cloudstreet, by Tim Winton

"A texts setting and structure will normally be used by writers to develop and convey its themes."
The novel Cloudstreet, by Western Australian born novelist Tim Winton is essentially a story revolving around how two rural families have come to live together at number one Cloudstreet. This novel's themes are about finding one's place in the world and the search for the meaning of life. As in this instance, Winton has successfully used setting and structure, crucial factors in any prosperous novel to help create a feeling of a real-life type atmosphere and perspective. This essay will demonstrate how Winton has used setting and structure to help develop and convey his themes.
The story follows the lives of the Pickle family and the Lamb family and how they have come to grow, develop, love and change over a period of twenty years, while living with each other. Unfortunately, both moves coincided with different family disaster's. For the Lamb's, the unfortunate event takes place in the form of the near drowning of Samson, or as he is better known as Fish. While for the Pickles, it occurs with the loss of Sam's (the father's) fingers in a fishing accident. The reader can relate these events it to the biblical story of ‘Samson,' and how he gained his strength through his hair. Meaning that by losing some of their strengths, (like Samson's hair cut,) both Sam's where able to gain new insights and opportunities. For Sam Pickles, this meant the move into the city from the outback, brought him his own home and a steady job at the mint. A rather large irony, as Sam is a compulsive gambler, more often than not short of cash. Although for Fish, losing his mental faculties and the ability to communicate to others, in his near drowning experience, gave way for his unimaginable bond with water and his abilities as a visionary. As Oriel Lamb said after Fish was rescued, "To the child who had hovered on the brink of drowning and who...
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