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Iron Mountain Cloud Recovery® for Microsoft
The data of the user is collected, packed and transported to a protected document, which can be easily retrieved. It is provided according to the users need and budget. Its Record management services help the user to professionally classify, index, purge, destruct or relocate its services. A wide range of storage sizes are available to the user, to suits its workloads and budget. A special compliance program secures the user’s personal record. The user is billed on per minute basis, only from the time, he started till he deletes, rounding up to the next minute. Improved efficient soft ware’s are available, which extract data from forms automatically, and can even read barcodes and handwritings. The user’s intellectual property is deposited into his customized Escrow account either by physical vaulting or electronic deposits. Special staff is hired to handle the documents that need to be carefully sorted, checked and logged on-site, before sending for storage or being held on-site. Highly advanced gaseous fire control systems, protect records without risking water damage. Every user’s document can be traced. Document Scanning & Digitizing facility provides a practical way of paying, only for what the user has used. Secure Document Shredding Services help in 100% recycling of documents, whether it’s software or hardware. , which is meant to reduce heavy legislative penalties. It also helps in shredding documents that are no longer needed.

Iron Mountain’s Cloud Recovery Solution includes Support for DPM 2010, Increased Scalability, and Added Disaster Protection across Microsoft applications such as Hyper-V, Exchange, SharePoint, and SQL Server.1

Amazon Simple Storage Service (AmazonS3)
The user is offered a robust storage facility from web applications to media files. The user is permitted to offload his...
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