Cloud Seeding

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(Cloud Seeding)

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Weather modification, or cloud seeding, has long been recognized as a means to enhance existing water supplies. Cloud seeding had its beginnings in 1946 at the General Electric Research Laboratories in Schenectady, New York. Cloud seeding can assist nature in the formation of precipitation, with appropriate types and numbers of nuclei at the proper times and places. Cloud seeding projects have been carried out in over 20 countries. Projects are generally conducted either during the winter or summer months. While wintertime projects target the enhancement of mountain snow-pack within a watershed, summertime projects are aimed at enhancing precipitation and/or reducing damage from hail.

"Seeding" winter storm clouds over mountains is well established and understood. Clouds form as moist air is lifted and cooled during its passage across mountain ranges. Left to nature, many clouds are highly inefficient precipitators, retaining more than 90 percent of their moisture. By cloud seeding, the precipitation efficiency can be greatly improved. Generally, silver iodide is used in ground generators to produce artificial ice nuclei that form ice crystals. Spreading the nuclei via aircraft is also common. These crystals attract moisture from the surrounding air forming droplets that grow large enough to fall to the ground as snow. Some projects using ground-based silver iodide generators to seed winter storms over mountain areas in the western United States have operated continuously since 1950.


1. Why is Cloud Seeding very important?
2. Why we need to do Cloud seeding?
3. How...
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