Cloud Computing and Apple

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Apple iCloud Research Paper

Apple iCloud
Apples iCloud Technology Explained
Piyush Narkhede
Pune University
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On October 12, 2011 Apple released a new technology to the world they designed called the iCloud. This was a whole new technology the world has never seen before that apple released to change technology around the world. “Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled several new Apple services, including iCloud, that underscore a major shift taking place in the tech world as users' information moves from gadgets to the cloud, where it is stored on remote servers and accessible from any device with an Internet connection” (Bosker, 2011). The Cloud is an online set amount of storage where users can put data and other things that are on their apple products, for backups, syncs, emails, and other personal usage. The iCloud takes away the pain of having to connect your device to your computer, and also gives you storage space available for the user to fill with information on their Apple technologies, and gives you the option to purchase more memory room. The standard amount of space for a new user to the iCloud is 5 gigabytes of space, with the option of being upgraded. The iCloud is one of the last new upgrades that were coming to apple products Steve Jobs announced before he passed away on October 5th 2011 (Steve Jobs, 2013). Steve Jobs is said to of been one of the smartest individuals to work on computers in his days.” In 2003, Jobs discovered that he had a neuroendocrine tumor, a rare but operable form of pancreatic cancer” (Steve Jobs, 2013). This disease caused complications with his life, which caused him to lose weight, and eventually ended his life. Although Jobs had passed away, he still had left his mark on technology with his many creations and inventions such as the iCloud. Background.

            Apple’s iCloud was invented by the famous Steve Jobs before he passed away, which left the company with the rights to improve his design of the cloud, which Apple has begun to do. They have added the Photo Stream option to the iCloud and now users are able to share photos they have on their device with other Apple device users. This Photo Stream part of the iCloud is just one of the many features Steve Jobs and Apple has designed as part of the cloud. One of the main designs of the iCloud is the backup and restore feature, which was a part of the cloud when it was released. “iCloud is capable of taking daily backups of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch when it's connected to the Internet using Wi-Fi. These aren't full backups, which would include all the data stored on each device. Instead, these are partial backups that store only the data you've changed on the device” (Crawford, 2011). This option for the iCloud is very useful in the situation where you may accidentally get your data erased off of your Apple device, it will restore your system settings and information that were backed up to your cloud, which can be set to automatically back up at points when you change your device and it is connected to the internet. The one feature that the iCloud...
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