Cloud Computing

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Part A: Cloud Computing
What is cloud computing?
Cloud computing allows people to log into a web­ based service which hosts applications, programs or document. Imagine your job at a big corporation is to make sure every single computer in the company has the right software to work. Buying applications and programs for every single computer can be costly. Cloud computing solves that problem. You’d only have to install one application to ensure the employees can access to the “cloud”. The “cloud” includes hardware, network, storage, service and interface. These combine together and deliver services such as the delivery of software, infrastructure and storage. There are different types of cloud computing. There are public clouds, private clouds and hybrid clouds. Public clouds are virtual data center. A service provider such as Dropbox makes resources available over the Internet. Private cloud are usually inside an organization’s firewall but it also could a private space dedicated to the organization provided by a service provider. Hybrid cloud combines both aspects of public and private cloud. What are the advantages of cloud computing?

Cloud computing is very cost efficient as it is very easy to maintain and use. Cloud computing is a lot cheaper than traditional software. As cloud computing is very high productive, it saves a lot of money and time. Besides cost efficiency, one of the advantages of cloud computing is that most cloud service providers are usually competent to recover information. It is much easier to backup and recover information than on physical storage device. Another advantage of cloud computing would be its automatic software integration function. Automatic software integration means a person does not take hard effort to customize and integrate applications. Cloud computing allows the person to customize easily. Not only it’s very easy to customize, cloud computing is also very easy to access information. A person can easily access the cloud from every single corner in the world with internet access anytime.

What are the disadvantages of cloud computing?
Cloud computing offers a lot of positive aspects. But, it also has its downside. From time to time, cloud computing system face some serious technical issues. Sometimes it is dysfunctional despite it is constantly maintained. Security issue is also one of the biggest concern in cloud computing. If an organization is using a cloud computing service provider, confidential personal information or other sensitive information could be exposed to the third party. Hence, it is important to make sure that a cloud service provider you’re going to choose is secure. Cloud computing is very easily exposed by hackers or any kinds of threat because anything on the Internet is vulnerable to attacks. Cloud computing has made it very easy to access information but one of the biggest flaws is that it doesn’t provide with a lot of space. Most of the cloud service providers only provide less than 10GB of space to its user. A business organization certainly requires more than 10GB for each employee. Once an organization chose a service provider, the organization depends a lot on the service provider. It would be very troublesome to switch from a service provider to another. It would take a lot of time to transfer all the files. How could a CanColl Computer Store customer use Dropbox?

Dropbox can store photos, documents, videos and files for its users. Dropbox has applications for several platforms such as computer, mobile phones and tablets. Dropbox is also accessible on the Internet. Dropbox also allows its users to share their folders with whomever they desire. Besides sharing a folder, Dropbox users can also send links of specific files, photos and folders. Dropbox is a free service and you can sign up at

Part B: Disposal of Data and Computer Components
What are the two methods of secure data disposal?
Sims Recycling...
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