Cloud Computing

Topics: Cloud computing, Amazon Web Services, Pages: 3 (934 words) Published: November 17, 2013
Cloud Computing
Many people believe that the development of cloud computing is one of the most promising directions for improvement in Information Technology, as it has a great potential in saving money for small and big businesses around the globe. In the first part of this essay we are going to talk about the technology itself, and then we are going to discuss the real life successful implementations and predictions.

First, cloud computing is the technology of distributed data processing in which computer resources and capacity are provided to the user as an online service. The essence of cloud computing is to provide end users with remote access to dynamic computing resources and applications (including operating systems and infrastructure) through the Internet. Development of the online services had arisen due to the need for the software and digital services, which could be operated from inside a company, and would be less expensive and efficient through savings in the scale. The term "cloud computing" is applicable to any service provided over the Internet. Cloud computing is a powerful approach for resource calculations and it is becoming more and more popular every day. Nowadays, almost every user has an opportunity to use online applications without installing them on the client-desktop, such as e-mail or file hosting services.

Until now, the software market had a fairly simple vector of development. Programmers developed applications , which were then distributed in the usual way - on media - and installed on the computer. For the program to work, the PC must meet certain system requirements necessary to indicate the performance of the processor, RAM, free space on the hard disk , etc. At the same time, the Internet was developing as well, for instance, server hardware, which took care the work load of the websites. At some point, it turned out that it is possible to combine the processing power to support software services similar to those...

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