Cloud Computing

Topics: Scientific method, Quantitative research, Qualitative research Pages: 3 (352 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Research Methodology

Module Code and Title


Critical Review of 4000 words70%
One presentation (15 minutes) 30%

Assignment 1

Critical Review
Identify a research paper from an academic journal on a topic of interest to you. Write a critical review of the paper. Your review should include an appropriate bibliographic citation to the work being reviewed, a statement of the theoretical framework for the study, a summary of the study’s question(s), methods and key findings, a critical evaluation of the methodology used, an appraisal of how well the conclusions are supported by the evidence, and a statement about the contribution made by this piece of work to the overall body of knowledge about the topic. This assignment forms 70% of your mark for this module.

Use essay or report format

Guide length4000 words (excluding references)
Assignment 1 - Marking Criteria

Selection of an appropriate research paper10%
Understanding of theoretical framework and research methods30% Depth and incisiveness of critical evaluation30%
Clarity of writing and structure20%
Linkage of research paper to wider body of knowledge10%

Module Code and Title

Module Aim
1* To introduce students to quantitative and qualitative research methods and to equip them with the skills and knowledge necessary to embark on a small-scale research project.

Learning Outcomes
1. identify, design, apply and critically evaluate appropriate methodologies for small-scale research projects; 2. critically analyse and interpret qualitative and quantitative data and present findings.

Assignment 1 Assessment Criteria

Assessment Criteria
Learning Outcome(s)
% of Marks
Selection of an appropriate research paper
Understanding of theoretical framework and research methods
1, 2
Depth and incisiveness of critical evaluation
1, 2
Clarity of...
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