Cloud Based Accounting

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Question 1:
Sassu is online based accounting software which enables users to remotely access their business transactions from anyplace they want. All one is in need to be wired to the internet and login to their sassu account and start inputting or manipulating their business transactions (“What is Cloud Accounting,” n.d., parra. 1).

Sassu is a market leader in the Asia Pacific software as a Service Accounting industry, thriving with millions of transaction worth billions of dollars with a reach over 10000 customers remotely accessing business transactions (“Sassu for Business,” n.d., para. 2). And with saasu’s single database, access to data is much faster and relevant.

Sassu is the next generation accounting software providing users with ease and flexibility by allowing multiple user logins working from different locations simultaneously. Other traditional accounting solutions installed on individual computers like Sage, Quickbooks and Oracle amongst others require a software to run and be operated from a wired machine that also involves large hard drives for data storage while on the other hand a cloud based accounting solution like sassu saves on hard drive space as there is no software needed to run the system (“Components of a Computerised Accounting System,” n.d., para. 1).

Web based software such as sassu offers upgrades and maintenances automatically and hence one also has the option of purchasing only the accounting module that is required which is not the case with softwares like quickbooks and oracle which requires a user to purchase the whole software forcing them to buy the software whereas cloud bases accounting system allows users to purchase only the modules they require (“Switching Systems,” n.d., para. 3).

On the other hand, software based accounting requires maintenance and troubleshooting but still retaining the ability to maintain sensitive data in storage house while on the contrary web based accounting system requires users to pay more as they use more server space and functionalities (“Accountants going to the cloud.” n.d., para. 5).

According to a conference talk on cloud based accounting in ATSA 2012, it was highlighted that accounting products like Sassu and Xero are promoting paperless working which is a one of the corporate responsibilities a firm has to reduce the use of paper. Secondly web based softwares create new developments in management practices and tax preparation and also capitalising on social networking technologies (“accountants going to the cloud.” n.d., para 1&2).

Web based softwares have a relative easier user interface which requires less knowledge of expertise to operate while traditional accounting software’s require users to learn how to operate the software. Cloud based software is relatively cheaper than purchasing an accounting software, hence it is ideal for a small firm being relatively cheaper the owner doesn’t need to invest much than if he had bought the software, in which he could have had to buy separate software for different computers, the cost of training would have increased the overall cost of the software.

To sum up, cloud based accounting systems are much efficient, reliable and save time of the users when all the services can be fulfilled with just a connection of internet from anywhere in the world. It is much faster in using as the interface or the dashboard is relatively easy to understand and not complex like the traditional software systems. Overall, web based or cloud based accounting systems are much efficient than a traditional accounting system for a small firm or few persons. References:

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