Cloud’s Practical Book Review

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CLOUD’S Practical Book Review


Ashton T Bond
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Introduction to Pastoral Counseling

PACO 500

Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary
Lynchburg, VA
Dec 05, 2011

Cloud, Henry. 2004. 9 Things You Simply Must Do to Succeed in Love and Life. Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson, Inc. Kollar, Charles A. 1997. Solution-focused pastoral counseling: An effective short-term approach for getting people back on track. Grand Rapids: Zondervan Publishing

My Summation
Why some lives really work and others don’t? This is a study that Dr. Henry Cloud set out to discover in his book 9 things you simply must do to succeed in love and life. Cloud begins by introducing the reader to some familiar people that he assumes he knows, but in all actuality he doesn’t. Instead these people possess the same characteristics and principles of people that he currently knows, to whom he calls déjà vu people (pg 5). These déjà vu people are successful people that cloud has some type of affiliation with. These déjà vu people follow a set of standard, principles and guidelines that help them in their decision making day by day. Cloud states that the message of his book is that there is nothing special about the people who do make it work. Success is not about them their unique talents or skills. It is about the principles of life and wisdom that transcend any of our own abilities (pg 15). Cloud then explains that a person’s success depends on the person, and it starts in the in the invisible realm and has to be brought in the natural realm to bloom (pg20). In developing the 9 simply things you must do, Cloud states that there were plenty of other attributes that could of made the list but the nine he choose fit for what he is trying to deliver. He chose them for 3 specific reasons; first, they are paths or patterns of behavior that really do make a different in lives of the people who practice them, second, avoiding these principles can lead to disastrous consequences, and third, they are often ignored (pg17). The nine principles identified by Cloud are listed below with a brief description of each: 1. Dig It Up

As mention in the above Cloud states that life comes from within, which means every dream and desire starts in the invisible and comes into the natural when a person works in it. It is what lies deep down inside and must be dug up and utilized (pg.25). 2. Pull the Tooth

This principle prepares the individual to make the decision of pulling out of a situation or repairing a situation. It is only up to the individual if they want to continue to put up with the bad things in their life or get rid of it. Cloud states that “Déjà vu people get rid of the things that do not profit them or has negative energy. They do not hold on to bad stuff for a long time (pg.45). 3. Play the Movie

Déjà vu people normally don’t act without considering future implications (pg.71). Before making any major decisions one must think out every option and see how it can play out, and would it be beneficial to them 4. Do Something

Déjà vu people ask what they can do to make their situation better, they don’t ask other people, successful people “do something instead of nothing (pgs.97-98) 5. Act Like an Ant
Cloud has been putting this principle into action, simply by hanging around his déjà vu friends and experiencing their success vicariously. As Cloud watched ants he realized that goals are achieved by “taking tiny steps over time (p.124).” It is a process. It does not happen overnight but with perseverance, you will reach your goal. 6. Hate Well

Hate is one of the most important of being human says Cloud, What we hate says a lot about who we are (pg.141) Hate also helps us “move against certain traits and issues, thus becoming different from them.” Hate causes us to protect what we value. Finally,...
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