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A textile is anything that is made up of fibers, yarns, or fabrics.  The basic building blocks of textile products are fibers.  Fibers are usually long thin materials that have a length at least one hundred times their diameter.  To be useful in textiles fibers must have some desirable properties such as strength, abrasion resistance, flexibility, or moisture absorption.

In textile manufacturing, finishing refers to any process performed on yarn or fabric after weaving or knitting to improve the look, performance, or "hand" (feel) of the finished textile or clothing. Some finishing techniques, such as fulling, have been in use with hand-weaving for centuries; others, such as mercerization, are byproducts of the Industrial Revolution. ADVANTAGES OF TEXTILE FINISHING:

Textile finish is an important step in the entire textile value chain and suited for innovative process and product development: * Textile finishing accounts for about 50% of the added value of the textile product * Implementation of innovative finishing techniques, additives and processes largely expands the application fields of textiles * Improved appearance– luster, whiteness etc.

Improved feel which depends on the handle of the fabric and its softness, suppleness, fullness etc. It improves the wearing qualities – Nonsoiling ant crease * It gives special properties required for particulars uses –water proofing, Flame proofing etc. * It covers the faults of the original cloth

It increases the weight of the fabric
* It increases the sale value of the material
* It improves the serviceability of the fabric
Hence finishing is essential for a textile good before they are put in to the market.

Some of the recent developments in textile finishing are as follows: * NANOTECHNOLOGY:
Nanotechnology is an umbrella term covering a wide range of technologies concerned with structures and processes on the nanometer scale. Because of its potential to change fundamentally whole fields of technology, The technology can be used in engineering, desired textile attributes, such as fabric softness, durability, and breath ability and in developing advanced performance characteristics, namely, water repellency, fire retardancy, antimicrobial resistance, etc in fibers, yarns and fabrics. Enhancement of textile materials by nanotechnology is expected to become a trillion dollar industry in the next decade, with tremendous technological, economic and ecologic benefits.  With the advent of nano technology, a new area has developed in the realm of textile finishing. Nano coating the surface of textiles, clothing, and textiles for footwear is one approach to the production of highly active surfaces to have UV-blocking, antimicrobial and self-cleaning properties.   CHARACTERISTICS OF NANO FINISHING IN GARMENTS 

1. Nano-processed garments have protective coating, which is water and beverage repellent.  2. Their protective layer is difficult to detect with the naked eye.  3. When a substance is manipulated at sizes of approximately 100 nm, the structure of the processed clothing becomes more compressed. This makes clothing stain- and dirt-resistant.  4. Saving time and laundering cost. 

5. This technology embraces environmental friendly properties.  6. Nano-materials allow good ventilation and reduce moisture absorption, resulting in enhanced breathability while maintaining the good hand feel of ordinary material.  7. The crease resistant feature keeps clothing neat. 

8. Nano-processed products are toxic free. 
9. Garments stay bright, fresh looking and are more durable than ordinary materials.  10. Manufacturing cost is low, adding value to the...

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