Closing Statement (Defense)

Topics: Rape, Sexual intercourse, Criminal law Pages: 2 (459 words) Published: December 22, 2010
Ladies and Gentleman of the Jury, we are here today to decide the verdict of an alleged aggravated sexual assault on January 8th, 2010. The plaintiff, Ms. Shirley Thompson, states that my client, Mr. Michael Miller, abducted her at knife point and raped her twice. My client has given a statement that he did in fact have sexual intercourse with her, but it was consensual.

Throughout the proceedings of this case, the defense has proven that not only was the prosecution’s case mainly based on the testimony of Ms. Shirley Thompson, but they were unable to find substantial evidence to determine whether their act of sexual intercourse was consensual or not. During the prosecution’s examinations, Ralph Thompson and Detective Rich were unable to prove much other than what Ms. Thompson had stated in her original testimony. Ms. Thompson’s story proved that she had been in my client’s car and that they did in fact have sexual intercourse. However, there is not enough evidence to support the alleged victim’s “rape” story beyond a reasonable doubt.

Along with these inaccuracies, Ms. Thompson stated in her testimony that my client had driven around stopped in two separate places, each time holding her at knifepoint and supposedly raping her. The marks on her face and arm that the victim indicated was evidence of the rape could have simply been from the act of sexual intercourse or, if Ms. Thompson was feeling particularly guilty, they could be self-inflicted. Also, there was no evidence found that supported the fact that my client had used a knife, either in his car, or from cuts where he supposedly held the knife to her throat.

It would have been completely up to Ms. Thompson to wait until early in the morning to come home disheveled with the story of being raped, which she had all night to prepare. The witness for the defense, Mr. Sam Collins, was with Mr. Miller when he was waited on by Ms. Thompson that previous evening at the Tasty Good diner where Ms. Thompson...
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