Closing Abdul

Topics: Cocaine, Drug addiction, Toronto Pearson International Airport Pages: 2 (673 words) Published: May 27, 2015
 Now that you have heard my case I will review it one more time. Ari Throxalon is not guilty of knowledge and possession of narcotics and unlawfully importing narcotics into Canada on the date of July 1, 2007 at Pearson International Airport in Mississauga. On that day Ms.. Throxalon came back to Canada on a flight from Colombia. Ms. Throxalon strictly went there for business purposes ; she went there for three weeks with the ambition to expand her company called Universal Import and Export and open an office in South America, specifically in the country of Colombia. There Ari met with a potential supplier named Galtheri and was offered 3 bottles filled with Liquor. Unknowingly, Ari accepted the three bottles filled with liquor and flew back to Canada. When Ms. Throxalon landed in Canada, she was interviewed from a customs officer name Georgie Harrisongs. Mr. Harrisongs was doing both interviewing and inspecting duties, and double shifts due to the lack of staff because it was Canada Day. Mr. Harrisongs was probably under a lot of stress and was very tired that night since he was doing double duties and a double shift. Mr. Harrisongs interviewed Ms. Throxalon and assumed she was suspicious of something. He then told her to move to the secondary inspection lane where he found the three large bottles Ms. Throxalon was in possession of. Mr. Harrisongs inspected the bottles and did a NIK (Narcotic Identification Kit) test on the bottles and determined that it contained cocaine. Mr. Harrisongs immediately arrested Ms. Throxalon and took her into custody. He then gave the bottles to Officer Devinney Do-right of the PCMP airport detachment. Mr. Harrisongs asked Officer Do-right if he was well versed in narcotics prosecutions and had been qualified as an expert witness in cases. After Officer Do-right took the bottles, sent them to Health Canada for analysis. Later on Ms.. Do-right later recieved a certificate from Heath Canada indicating the substance in the bottles...
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