Close Reading: An Invisible Sign of My Own

Topics: Love, Bathroom, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 3 (993 words) Published: July 23, 2006
Close Reading: An Invisible Sign of My Own
For much of her life, Mona Gray has lived a strange life after her father contracted an unknown disease. Mona soon becomes a quitter, and although she excels at many things, she always forces herself to quit. All of this changed when Benjamin Smith, the new science teacher, arrives. With his eccentric ways he is able to see through Mona when most people were not, including her family. Mona's perfect little world is threatened when she crosses paths with love and her soul mate, Benjamin Smith. The most interesting two pages in this novel, An Invisible Sign Of My Own by Aimee Bender, were pages 221 and 222. These pages were really interesting because for the first time Mona displays some characteristics that were not seen throughout this novel. For example, the first paragraph on page 221 begins with an intimate moment between Mona Gray and Benjamin Smith. In this scene, Mona describes kissing the wounds of Benjamin, "there's no part of him I find better than the burns up and down his arms and I am kissing them over and over"(221). Here Mona finds a special connection with Benjamin as she refers these wounds as his "bathroom trip" and we know that Mona uses her own "bathroom trip" as her way to detach herself from personal feelings (as this was described earlier in the novel). And it is also during this moment that Mona admits to having "the smallest, most precious glimmer of trust" (221) with Benjamin. This type of behavior was never seen before from Mona and here the author makes a connection between these two characters as having a special bond. Another example of this special connection, and Mona seems to recognize it, would be where she describes as having a magnetic attraction every time she comes in contact with Benjamin, "the magnets are charging up" (219). From these few examples, I get feeling that Mona has an attraction for Benjamin and slowly falling for him. Earlier in the novel Mona has a boyfriend, but...
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