Close Adoption vs. Open Adoption

Topics: Adoption Pages: 3 (1162 words) Published: April 16, 2012
The concept of adoption was not legally recognized in the United States until the 1850’s, with the inception of the first adoption laws. While transfers of children to substitute parents or now known as “adoptive parents” had occurred informally since American colonial times, adoption laws legitimized the informal adoptive arrangements which previously existed. There are now two different forms of adopting a child: open or closed adoptions. Although there are two options for adoption, all adoptions should be considered closed until an adoptee is 21. The adoption process for closed adoptions differs from the open adoption process and has more benefits. The open adoption process, is in which the adoptive parents actually meet and usually stay in touch with the birthparents. Birthparents voice in choosing their child's adoptive parents. Both open adoption and closed adoption use agencies or a lawyer, but in open adoption the agency gives the birthparents biographies of prospective adoptive parents, and the birthparents pick the family they are most comfortable with or “click” (Winerip 1). Compared to closed adoption, the prospective adoptive family would put their name on a list, and wait for the social worker to make a match. This doesn’t involve the need of personalities between families to match, just the potential factor of a good child support system which is the most important aspect. “Conversely, if they want a closed adoption, they shouldn’t be pressured into an open adoption because adopters may find it harder to fulfill their side of the agreement such as: sending the birthmother photos or visiting” (“Family Education” 2). Also, in open adoption the birthparents and adoptive parents meet, and might be in touch frequently during the pregnancy while closed adoption the adoptive parents didn't know where the child came from, or who his or her birthparents were which gives them more of sense that the child belongs to them and deserves all their love as if it...
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