Cloning Extinct Animals

Topics: Cloning, DNA, Gene Pages: 2 (454 words) Published: October 21, 2008
There are many animals that are going extinct now than ever before. Dolly, the first successful clone of a sheep [mammal], was perfectly normal. She was a mother of six lambs, which were all bred the old-fashioned way. Although sheep aren’t going extinct it’s a perfectly good example of cloning. Just because we can prevent the extinction of an animal population, should we? Facts/Research:

In the 1800’s people attempted to clone but weren’t successful. Hans Dreisch was the man in the 1800’s to try to clone a sea urchin. 1951 was the first successful clone which was a clone of a frog egg. The most common method of cloning is called “The Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer” which requires two different cells. One cell is the Somatic cell [any cell in your body except the egg and sperm cells]. This cell has to contain the DNA from which animal you intend to clone. The second cell that is collected is the egg cell which is taken from a female of the same species. Then what happens next is the scientist takes out the nucleus of the egg cell and fuses the somatic cell and the rest of the egg cell together with electricity…and so on.

There are many risks of cloning. One is a high failure rate, the success rate is .1-3 percent ( or 970-999 failures out of 1000). So reasons would be, the egg and the nucleus may not be compatible, an egg with a new nucleus may not divide or develop, the embryo inside the mother might fail, or the pregnancy itself might fail. Two is problems during later development… animals tend to be bigger in size when they are cloned and are to heavy to keep themselves up. “Large offspring syndrome” where their organs are abnormally large in size. Some clones that don’t have LOS have brain damage or impaired immune systems. Three, Abnormal gene expression patterns, scientists have to reprogram the nucleus in order for it to actually be a clone and sometimes the clone isn’t really a clone because a scientist didn’t reprogram the...
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