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Topics: Cloning, Chicago Tribune, Childbirth Pages: 1 (264 words) Published: February 28, 2015
Jiayu Zhou (Crystal)
Response and Summary
In this article ‘ Human Cloning Debate: Why Do It? Who’d Be Hurt? Should it be legal?’ by a science writer Peter Kendall, of the Chicago Tribune, the author states the benefits and dangers of human cloning. Kendall pointed out that one of the benefits of human cloning is that it can help infertile couples get babies. Another benefit of human cloning is it can recreate extinct species. Human cloning also can provide matched organs and bone marrow to people who need to transplant. On the contrary, people are afraid of the production of cloning is malformed babies. Kendall argued that human cloning is against to society ethically and humanity development. Cloning a “perfect baby” is also considered a fear of human cloning, because everything has been decided before a baby born. In conclusion, this article is about the advantages and disadvantages of human cloning. In my opinion, I am in favor of human cloning for some reasons. First of all, it will save many people’s lives. For example, if a patient needs to transplant organs or bone marrow, the easiest and safest way is take out them from a clone. Next, human cloning will help people save time. For example, I would like to clone myself, because the clone will help me do my homework, wash dishes and do the laundry. Finally, cloning babies is a good way for infertile and homosexual couples to get babies. In conclusion, I agree with human cloning because it can save lives and help infertile couples get babies.
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