Topics: Cloning, DNA, Genetics Pages: 3 (798 words) Published: March 8, 2014
Probably, one of the most important advancement technique is cloning in a field of medicine in new century .Firs of all, scientists and genetic bioengineering intend by helping save some animal species from extinction. Animals which are endangered destroy due to not variety.I mean that species which can survive have common gene in their DNA. Genetic disorders can be transferred passing down and any disorder in DNA can easily spread among the all animal species.In this condition, genetic diseases can be seen because of heredity. The best example of this is cheetah or “hunting leopard”. In the past cheetah can live almost everywhere on the world- North America, Asia , Europe and Africa regions.Ten thousands years ago,unknown event have been happened. Not oly the number of cheetahes were decrased but also other species have been destroyed. Just 10 cheetahes could survive and they reproduced each other. Therefore ,genetically identical cheetahes have been born. That is why, if environmental pollutıon effects a cheetah , actually it effects all type of cheetahes . Scientist cannot help them but genetic engineers can protect endangered animals by cloning techniques. For example, if an old animal which lives in a zoo is endangered and even it is different from wild life ,then genetic engineers can be cloning it and they provide variety among the same class. Also, even old animal dies genetic engineers freeze its DNA to use later. There are more than ten “frozen zoo” in the world.Over there, animals which are endangered- gorillas, antilopes, elephants, bears are being kept. Dr. Oliver Ryder stated that each indivıdual animal has unıque DNA which can freeze without any time limit .As a result of this, cloning could be used to save animals from extinction. ( Ryder, 2011, San Diego Zoo) On the other hand, creation of offspring through asexual reproductıon can be harmful to breed between same...

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From Yeditepe Unıversity library :The Example of Human Clonıng page 167
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