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Topics: Human rights, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, United States Secretary of State Pages: 4 (928 words) Published: February 8, 2015
Kaylee Selvera
WRI 121
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Jo Cochran
3 November 2014
Internet Rights and Wrongs Summary
In the essay Internet Rights and Wrongs, presented to George Washington University in 2011, former United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton addresses a significant issue that is drawing the attention of citizens and governments. Clinton informs the listeners of the protests that happened in Egypt and Iran, she tells how both of their governments turned off the internet hoping to stop all the protests, both ending with very different outcomes. Which leads to the topic of whether or not the internet is a force for liberation or repression. The web has become a place where people get together and share ideas, it’s the new coffeehouse, the new market place, and many other public spaces. But with that comes challenges, challenges that Clinton believes need to be discussed, we need principles to guide us, rules, and what should be encouraged or discouraged (570-572).

Clinton explains that telling people how to use the internet is not the goal, the internet gives an open platform just like the public spaces, it does not have a specific plan and it shouldn’t. With people around the world coming together online every day, we need to come together with a shared understanding to guide us. Years ago Clinton called for a global commitment to Internet freedom, she wants to protect human rights online just like they do off line. Since Clinton’s speech, many places worldwide have used the Internet to solve problems and uncover corruption but the Internet is still being controlled in countless ways, for example in China, the government watches content and sends the user to an error page or in Cuba they are trying to create an intranet and not allowing the people of their country access to the world’s internet. But when it comes to the United States she considers us very open on Internet freedom, but she states with internet freedom comes great challenges just like any...

Cited: Clinton, Hilary R. “Internet Rights and Wrongs: Choices and Challenges in a Networked
World.” Fields of Reading: Motives for Writing. Eds. Comley, Nancy R. David Hamilton, Carl H. Klaus, Robert Scholes, Nancy Summers and Jason Tougaw. Boston: Bedford/ St. Martins, 2013. 570-580. Print.
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