Topics: Lewinsky scandal, Bill Clinton, Impeachment of Bill Clinton Pages: 4 (1218 words) Published: April 28, 2014
In history, the American Government has their fair share of scandals; these scandals may include corruption within the American Government, or even more personal as a sex scandal. Scandals can be a wide variety of different things. Ari Adut, a professor in the sociology department at University of Texas at Austin, describes how he perceives scandal in his book On Scandal. Adut explains his definition of scandal as, Scandal is a polysemic word. A real, apparent or alleged but significant transgression, the forceful reaction that a transgression elicits, the discredit heaped on persons and institutions as a result of a transgression or its denunciation and the episode during which a transgression is publicized and condemned are all referred to as ‘scandal’ in everyday parlance. (Adut) With this being said, scandals can come in many ways and forms. There are many different ways that scandals can be constructed and publicized. The two main perspectives of scandals that Adut speaks about are political/corporate scandals, and socially constructed phenomena. (Adut, 8) Both of these views happen very frequently, but I believe that the majority of scandals that are truly scandalous and not a pre-determined façade are the political/corporate scandals. These can highly affect jobs, corporations and even our country as a whole even if it is something a personal as a sex scandal. One of the political/corporate scandals that definitely caught the public eye was the Bill Clinton sex scandal with Monica Lewinsky. This had a big impact on Clinton’s presidency and even led him to become impeached.

“Bill Clinton weathered a year-long sexual and obstruction of justice scandal and became only the second president in U.S. history to be impeached, while maintaining some of the most public approval ratings of any modern president”. (Bennett) In 1995, Bill Clinton started a sexual relationship with his 21- year old intern, Monica Lewinsky. Monica Lewinsky told someone, whom she...

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