Clinical Teaching Plan

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2nd Semester School Year 2011 - 2012

Clinical Teaching Plan
Cagayan Valley Medical Center
(Surgery Ward)

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* an assessment tool used for identifying an individual student's strengths and needs in various content and developmental areas. These descriptions, which consist of listings of abilities and accomplishments that are developmentally appropriate, indicate where children begin in their learning and the stages through which they progress as they achieve proficiency.

The students are in their 4th year of studies in nursing, ages ranging from 18-26 years old. They mostly belong from middle-income family and have strong desire to finish nursing as their course and later on become a well rounded nurse of the community after their graduation and passing the local board exam. They have been taught the different concepts, theories and skills in the classroom and have minimal exposures to clinical area in terms of caring for surgical patients.

They are oriented in the hospital where they will be exposed, and are aware of the different hospital policies.

* Most instructors will provide specific criteria for students to follow when fulfilling a clinical experience or classroom observation. When such criteria are not specified, students may focus on the following when preparing a written report of the experience: Instructional goals, objectives, and activities; materials and resources; assessment procedures; classroom climate; classroom management; student involvement in learning.

1. Utilizing the common care delivery methods, the students will be given a specific ward to manage and to display beginning leadership skills in the management of surgical patients 2. Apply the basic principle of leadership and management in patient care 3. Utilize the nursing process as framework for patient care 4. Integrate research findings in the care of client

5. Collaborate with other health team regarding patient care


The Surgical Ward of the CVMC is located at the northeast part of the hospital with a 55 bed capacity. It consist of 8 rooms, where in room 1 is for Male who is classified under general Surgery, room2 is for Females under General Surgery, room3 and 4 composed of patients, male and female who encountered trauma, room 5 and 6 are for patients who are under Medicare Service, room 7 is for patients who needs to be isolated and lastly room 8 is purposely for burned patients. In this area, Pre-operative activities and post operative care are being made here for those patients’ who are scheduled for surgery, also, life saving devices is seen and highly specialized equipment for examination is seen with paramedical staffs available 24 hours a day.


At the end of the course, the students will be able to function as a beginning staff nurse and will be able to focus their clinical experience applying the nursing process in the care of individuals, group of clients and families.


An orientation is conducted at the start of the student’s weekly exposure to the surgery ward so that they will be informed of their respective areas of assignment. Orientation is being done regarding the physical set up of the area, policies, equipments and type of patients to be admitted. Included also in the orientation is the area’s objective to the students, requirements and activities within the span of the clinical exposure. Explanation of the methods of evaluation is also being done.

1. Explain the objectives to the students, requirements, and activities within the span of the clinical exposure. 2. The students will be given about 2-3...
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