Clinical Observation

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Clinical Research Paper
May 12, 2008.

Clinical Research Paper

As I mentioned before I was a musician for a long time. One of the things that always caught my attention is the sudden change people experienced when we performed at social events such as weddings or private parties. People change when listening to music; it affects the way they act. While they are eating we started to play romantic music or something smooth. They usually wear formal cloth. And then we started to play a different kind of music, something like polkas, or a fast beat rate music people begin to experience a mood change. After the ceremony is over then the open dance is open to the public. That is when people get excited and jump, scream, laugh. Drinking also made its part. At the end of ceremony they all had have some drinks. Drunk people often ask us to play a special song and they often over-reach when we did not play they request. I have a bad experience one time, it was a school teacher who hire o band to play at his party. He looked very intellectual; he was wearing a tie and a coat, wearing glasses for better vision. And the way he talked showed his good education level. The band played for five hours, at the last hour he started to act weird. He wanted to sing, and started to act aggressive at his family. He was asking us to play only corridos (short music stories) and the kind of music he wanted. He did not look as a teacher anymore. Music and beer made their part in his body. Music change his mood and alcohol his acts.

I always observe these kinds of people and ask my self how they will act after two of three hour more. This is call naturalistic observation according to the reading from chapter 1. Almost everyone observes and describes others in an attempt to understand them (Carpenter, S. & Huffman, K. 2008) I always do that everywhere. All sounds and music can put out an influence on our body temperature and make our body adapt to changes in...

References: Carpenter, S. & Huffman, K. (2008). Visualizing Psychology. P.18 Ch: 1. Retrieved on May 12, 2008 from University of Phoenix Ebook Collection. Hoboken NJ.
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