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Consolidation of Learning
I have come to understand that in order for a student to develop professional nursing skills, he or she needs to have the ability to apply knowledge from theory into practice. This I believe is a fundamental key to the success of becoming a competent nurse. My practice and the invaluable experiences I have gained from my placement, as a nursing student, have enabled me to reflect on the dimensions of nursing practice. I can testify that clinical practice is really an essential component of learning process for any nursing student. My Clinical practice has allowed me to have direct experience with the real world of nursing, to practice the clinical skills required for the job and to learn about the responsibility of the nurse. Reflecting back at my previous semesters, I can begin to say that my acute clinical experience has served as a wonderful and memorable learning opportunity for me to practise some of the skills that I have learned. I had a lot of mixed feelings going into this clinical because I did not know if I was going to make a difference. And little did I know how much this experience would impact me. As I reflect on this experience, I realised that I finished my clinical not only with more experience than when I started, but with a different aspect of nursing all together. In this paper, I will discuss an in-depth factual experience on my role in caring for a hypertensive patient. I will critically analyze my actions, feelings and strategies that I used to deal with the situation. I will also present how I was able to connect the knowledge that I had gained from my nursing classes and clinical laboratory. Over the course of my clinical placement, I was assigned to different patients with different illness. Caring for these patients has deepened my understanding of the need to develop my intellectual capacity for good clinical judgement and safe decision making. While caring for these patients, I encountered situations that were both positive and negative. Regardless of the outcome of these situations, I believe I have learned one or two things from them. There was a particular event that really stood out for me among the patients that I cared for. The reason why this event stood out is because of the impact it had on my learning. This event helped me to start pulling information from all the resources available to me right on the spot. THE SIGNIFICANT NURSING EVENT

I was on an evening rotation on this fateful day. I had done my patient research and ready to carry out my care plan for my patient. Unfortunately, I was not able to implement this care plan because my patient assignment was changed due to staffing issue. An undergraduate nurse was the primary nurse of the same patient that I was assigned to. Due to the policy that I have to be monitored by a registered nurse, my patient assignment was changed. I was then assigned to an eighty two year old woman diagnosed with acute renal failure with history of hypertension. I had very little time to quickly research my patient diagnosis; my primary nurse just gave me brief information on her status. I had to quickly go in to do my initial assessment and take her vital signs. As I approached her room, I was prepared for all reactions, but my patient responded with soaking kindness. I introduced myself, asked her how her day was going and informed her of the care that I will be providing for her. Then I began to perform a head to toe assessment and I explained the rationale of each test and action. My patient would always smile and respond with “I know that you are a student just do what you gotta do”. Then I began to check her vital signs and realised that her blood pressure was way over the normal range120/80. I was startled, so I decided to check the blood pressure on the opposite arm, just to reaffirm the data obtained previously. This time around I knew I had obtained the same data, which were 180/ 98. I auscultated her lungs fields...
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