clinical education paper

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Clinical Educational Experience

University of Phoenix
Carolyn Jaffe MSN, PHN, RN.
July 21, 2014
Clinical Educational Experience
Educating the family and or the community is a role that every nurse must participate in to promote, maintain, and restore health among them.  To accomplish such requires family members receive and have a practical understanding of health-related information.   One method to accomplish such is to develop a health educational plan. The health education plan based upon information collected from a windshield survey and Friedman family assessment conducted,   Areas that will be discussed include, a description of the educational need based upon assessment findings, educational goals and objectives, educational methods that will be used to implement the health educational plan, and the methods applied to evaluate the educator and process used in the development and implementation of the health education plan. I also include the health tools used to educated family, and Identification of a Health Educational Need. MBG elderly Diabetic type I, smoker, strike, demanding, uncaring, undetached from the family. JBG also elderly depressed and heavy drinker, son flat affect with family, dysfunctional family. Cultural, religious, ethnic, and personal upbringings are variables that are considered to gain a basic understanding of the family framework. Being old fashion hard cord Catholic is hard to make them understand that what you preach in the community you have to practice at home. According to NANDA, Nursing diagnosis for this family that I have encounter: 1) Impaired verbal communication as evidence by controlling, undermining from mother and lack of family connectedness. 2) Stress overload evidenced by busy work day, lack of time to relax, and sleep deprivation, and 3) Risk for suicide as evidence by father excessive drinking and mopping around wondering what is the point. Resolutions as follow: 1)...

References: Healthy People (June, 2014) US Department of Health and Human Services retrieved from
Knowles, M.S
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