Clinical Area

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Teaching in clinical area
High quality and safe patient care are of the highest importance in healthcare setting .Preparing student nurses for the role transition from student to nurse who can responsibly provide this type of care has always been a difficult job to be accomplished. Prior to this, though, faculty can use different types of evaluation methods to ensure that their nursing students are on the right track, there always a set back and challenges in aligning the path for the faculty in preparing and managing the development phase for nurses to be born and performing the job as a Nurse. The demand of this health sector in nursing has increased in a great number in the past 20 years and that for sure has become an alarming indication for every health care industry in keeping the population of a workable nurse workforce at the minimal figure. Technically, the ratio of trainer and training nurse has become imbalanced due to the lack of experience trainer to take up the position. Whatever the reason to explain the unavailability of a good trainer in keeping up the nursing school run, the mentor-mentee program in most of the health industry somehow have supported the statistic and at the same time providing enough new generation of dependable and reliable nurses to serve patiently in this sector. Types Of Methodologies of Clinical Teaching.

Ward Rounds and Nursing Rounds.
Clinical Conference.
Clinical Conference
is a type of group conference in which a patient or patient or patients are observed and studied ,discussed ,demonstrated and directed towards the improvement and further improvement of nursing care. Teaching starts with a lecture or discussion away from the ward followed by more interactive sessions by the patient’s bedside, making bedside rounds the most patient centred of all teaching venues. Bedside teaching can improve students’ history taking, examination skills, and knowledge of clinical ethics, can teach them...
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