Climate Change Research

Topics: Water, Ecosystem, Weather Pages: 3 (681 words) Published: January 10, 2013
Abbey Veenstra
Mrs. Grand
December 13, 2012

Climate Change Research Assignment

Canada’s climate is changing everyday, and its human activities that are causing it. The sea level is rising, lake levels are rising, forests are being impacted, and the health of Canadian’s is becoming an issue.

The countries aquatic ecosystem is being seriously being affected in certain areas. Water quality and quantity is decreasing. There is more frequent flooding, changes in the water flow in streams, and lakes, ponds, and dugouts water levels are decreasing. In some areas the sewage system is having trouble coping with the changes, which causes many problems. The groundwater capacity is decreasing as well. This causes water supplies to decline, which could be an issue for some areas where their drinking water will decline. Aquatic habitats are also being affected by the groundwater capacity decreasing.1 From 1948-2010 the average annual temperature increased by 1.6oC. This causes many issues such as a change in amount of distribution of rain, snow, and ice. Heat waves, heavy rainfall, flooding, dry spells, droughts, and forest fires will all have an increase in the next years if the climate continues to change at this rate.2 Canadian forests are becoming an issue in climate change. Tree growth and mortality rates are increasing, disturbance patterns and distribution species are increasing, and forests are decreasing. If this continues to happen so rapidly, some forests could turn into grasslands from the loss of all the trees, and the forest fire activity may increase. Tree phenology also appears to be changing because of earlier springs and longer summers affecting the timing. The trees are budding, leafing out, flowering, and seeding earlier.3 In Ontario, since 1948 the temperature has increased by 1.4oC. This is causing an increase in intense rainfall, heat waves and smog episodes and is becoming more frequent. There are disruptions in critical...
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