Climate Change in the Uk and Bangladesh

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Climate change in the UK and Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a LEDC (less economically developed country). It has a population of 148,692,130.

In Bangladesh there are many different problems being caused by climate change. A massive problem in Bangladesh is flooding this is caused by higher precipitation levels for example snow (this could come from the Himalayas) and could increase river and sea levels. As well as this, most of the country consists of a huge flood plain. This high level of water will result in the crops drowning and therefore will no be able to grow.

Families in Bangladesh grow many different crops and during the winter weather the plants will not continue to grow because the crops need sunlight to survive. Good weather is a necessity in order to keep them healthy. Sometimes rain can help the crops because water is also needed in the process of growth. The water also enables the soil to become healthy and therefore provide more nutrients for the plants.

The UK is a MEDC (more economically developed country). It has a population of 62,218,761.

With the UK being a MEDC country we are more wealthy than Bangladesh and therefore we will be able to pay for damages made by climate change (e.g.: homes being rebuilt). As well as this, we can use the money for plants and trees to have a healthy growth. Whereas, in Bangladesh they do not have this money or equipment to help their crops like we can.

As time passes in the UK the weather is not that different. In the summer the temperature may rise slightly and in the winter the temperature may decrease but in Bangladesh the weather can change immediately without warning and this is a health hazard towards the people of Bangladesh as well as their crops.
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