Climate Change and the Effect on

Topics: Endangered species, Climate, Tiger Pages: 3 (898 words) Published: December 3, 2014
Climate Change and the Effect on Endangered Species
There are many problem in this world, every day an anomaly is done that affect the future of this planet. As history illustrate man has always wanted to expand his borders without laying site of what horror he left behind The urge to develop and expand the society has merely brought about the distraction of this planet. A trench has been dug so far off, that it’s merely impossible to ride that horse once again. In the last decade machine and invention were developed to make work easy. At what cost are we willing to pay to bring impairment to the planet and every creature that roams around it?

Climate change is abomination to the planet, because it affect the ecosystem and continues to be a treat to the species that occupy this planet. Climate change has become a hot topic used by presidents, kings, Queen and dignitary well addressing the nation or their fellow politicians. Every day a piece of the environment is destroyed, and this leads to climate change. It’s more like the ecosystem where everything must stay attached in order for the circulation to continues, take one piece out and disasters follows. According to the National Wildlife Federation, climate change would have dire consequences for the state of New Hampshire. Forests are likely to shift from conifer and mixed forests to temperate deciduous forests, and species such as the sugar maple, of importance to hundreds of maple syrup producers, could disappear you may not surfer the consequence but that doesn’t mean that some else wasn’t affect by those action. Animal and plant are the vague of extension because of what we have done to this planet. Scientists around the world predict that without the change of global warming some animals are not going to survive. As the world temperature rises, it creates a big change in climatic conditions, and this can harm the delicate ecosystem which animals live in. Polar bear, which use the sea ice for...

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