Climate Change

Topics: Oxygen, Sun, Greenhouse gas Pages: 1 (266 words) Published: December 27, 2014
Rochelle Joyce G. Misa August 2, 2014 BSA 1-F NSTP 02:30- 05:30 PM (Sat) Ma’am Melviny Mique Pre-midterm Examination

Last Saturday, we had a seminar about climate change and its adaptation at the Talamban Campus discussed by Amancio Dongcoy, a regional solid waste coordinator. Climate change is the average weather over a long period of time. In this present time, the world is already experiencing excessive heat produced by the sun. This is called global warming. This happens because the ozone layer that protect s the Earth from the heat of the sun is slowly depleting due to excessive emission of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogen oxide, chlorofluorocarbons found in refrigerators and many more others. These greenhouse gases are also caused only because of our own human activities: the agricultural, industrial, energy and our waste activities (the improper disposal of wastes). Among the 4 factors, the least necessary is the waste. We cannot stop global warming but we do can minimize it. We need agricultural, industrial and energy resources in our daily activities, but we can reduce our waste to help Mother Earth by disposing our trashes correctly by segregating it into biodegradable, reusable, toxic and residual wastes. We can also help by recycling products that can still be used. Since our ozone layer is already becoming thinner and thinner, and we are already experiencing the direct heat of the sun, the only thing we can do aside from minimizing our wastes is to adapt these changes and learn how to save natural resources. It is not yet too late, let us all save mother Earth!
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