Climate Change

Topics: Earth, Climate, Atul Gawande Pages: 3 (1118 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Natalie Sesco
English 1
Uri Hertz
May 17, 2012
Environmental Issues

Everyone talks about climate change and how the Earth is slowly deteriorating, but no one seems to have specific examples. In Linnea Saukko’s “How to Poison the Earth,” she does use specific examples of what is causing climate change. She uses satire with a hint of sarcasm in her essay. She gives the reader specific examples of how to poison the Earth, but not really wanting to poison the Earth. Gretel Ehrlich writes her essay, “Chronicles of Ice,” a little differently. She uses personal experiences of visiting a glacier and the way that it is falling apart to explain climate change. She uses detailed, sensory description to explain what is happening to the glaciers that are so important to us. However, in Atul Gawande’s essay, “The Cancer Cluster Myth,” he uses a different approach. He uses the physical health of the people in our nation to draw the attention of the reader to the subject, however he does not get very specific with how exactly climate change is affecting us. Saukko’s essay had more of an initial impact when reading it. She did very well at explaining exactly what is causing climate change and how it affects us. On a personal level, Saukko hit the deepest. She made me realize what our Earth is actually going through and how not only as individuals, but as the world as a whole, we are slowly killing our earth.

In Saukko’s writing, she gives specific examples of how to poison the earth, without really wanting to poison the earth, but rather to inform her audience. She does this very well because she gives specific examples of how to do it. This helps us to understand what exactly is causing these problems in our environment. In her essay, she gives an example of the poison plutonium and how we should store it in deep parts of the earth. Not only does she give the example of the poison, but she also tells us where it is stored. She also goes...

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