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Section 1
Business type: Direct Marketing/Direct Mailing House
My Client's background is from Direct Marketing/Direct Mailing House. They are new to the Irish market and they want get notice and reputation in Irish market and was worried about losing customer due to non - presence in web world. So they decided to host their company website related to what they are, what they do, there new strong team, there new clients and there achievement, where they are based etc. Analysis and planning:

Few analysis and planning we asked few questionnaire to client to get more detail about their business and activity in the organisation such as * What does your organisation do?
* What is the organisation’s history?
* What are the goals?
* What differentiates you from your competitors?
* Who is the target market?
* What copy needs to be included? Who is providing this?
* What pictures/photographs/diagrams?
* What about colour?
* Will pages need to be printed?
* What is the budget, timescale, deadline?
* Who will maintain the site?
The main intention of this project is to create an online website for Direct Marketing/Direct Mailing House to support other corporate business to promote their products and services. Ireland has become hot stop for service industries. Day by day service industry is growing in Ireland and all these service industries required direct marketing support. So here the direct marketing/direct mailing companies play big role for connecting customers with these big companies promoting their products and services without annoy. The main purpose of this website is to achieve the reputation across the island, sales, response lead generation and traffic to website. Entering into Direct marketing/Direct mailing is tough as there are few strong competitors around the country particularly in Dublin. Client has done research on this and have give me few name to look around about how their websites looks. For few names as,, etc. But my client is confident that he able to achieve his dream by giving top-class budget services and delivering the service in given deadline by the client. An post is offering various business customers offers for mailing and services. These services should reach to customers which they don't not know about it or due to pressure the customer may forget to apply for those cost saving services. There are different services provided by an post such as machine-sortation, machine readable address, barcode reading address, etc [] The target audience are such as Financial institutes, Blue chips companies, telecom companies, Government, Political parties, Leisure/Entertainment, Utilities Company, Education, Charity, Shopping, and many more. According to ongoing research for the period (2006 to 2010) by An post above mentioned audience done bulk mailing show below[]. Few of the requirements in this project are such as client can be easy to update by non technical people, Google ranking with in top five, feedback form/contact form, social media links such as Facebook, twitter, YouTube etc. But after successful hosting the websites and once in the market they want to upgrade to members only, downloads/upload the jobs , calendar for tracking the job done etc. Budget has agreed with client and release of budget will be according to different phases such as 25% at the beginning and 25% will be during the first version of website as there will be changes and modification. Rest of the payment will after the final version and launch of website. Client has agree the time frame of launch and have to stick to deadline for the full payment. Evaluation/Testing:

Evaluation and testing phase for this website will be done according to W3C standards for Strict XHTML, CSS and JavaScript. Layout testing will be done on several browser such Internet explorer, Mozilla, Google Chrome etc.

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