Client Server Architecture

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1. Do you think the problems faced by Hures, both past and present, are unique? Why or why not? The problems faced by Hures company in the past are common as this was what most companies have face after the revolution from the so called GOOD OLD DAYS in which mainframes roamed the earth and life was simple. Mainframes are powerful computers used primarily by corporate and governmental organizations for critical applications, industry, consumer statistics, enterprise resource planning, and transaction processing and bulk data processing. The term originally referred to the large cabinets that housed the central processing unit and main memory of early computers but as of today those cabinets are no longer cabinets but then powerful l high-end commercial machines which also are used in client server networking as servers and this has overshadowed most of the disadvantages of the old traditional mainframes that led to the many problems as like those faced by Hures company. The disadvantages of the way Mainframes were used in the Good old days is that there was no flexibility as mix and matching was not accommodated but they only served so-called dumb terminals on the users’ desktops meaning you had to be wired to the mainframe to access data, also software platforms were specific and maintenance and system management were costly as every component of the system needed to be maintained. Like any other company would have done to keep up with keep up with growing business demands, Hures implemented its first information system in 1987 purchasing a mainframe computer. But then because of the revolution from the Good Old Days as explained above to the client /server they probably faces all the disadvantages pertaining to flexibility, maintenance and system management, and it was difficult for them to connect with the outside world and so they had to also change their system to Client/Server . With Client Server advantages of flexibility gives a greater solution space than that which single computer models can achieve. Another advantage is the Openness as number of different platforms can be used in a network; all that is needed is some common protocol for them to communicate. Openness also lives the freedom of choice the implementation at any of the ends It is also reliable and this can be accomplished by production of the same programs and data around a network; this means that when one server breaks down another takes over. Servers also can be created specifically for a certain service. Client/server computing is also Scalable as more servers can be added to a network depending on the increase of application demand in though the increase in power is not linear i.e number of servers. And this is what Hures Company is faces in the present proving that also there present problems are not unique as well. The solution to this problem on the other hand is to increase hardware capabilities of the server and desktops. Another problem Hures faces is due to the configuring applications into client-server modules and in modifying the configuration in response to user feedback and this problem is Common in organizations using traditional (2-tier) client server in their business. 2. Suggest alternative architectures that could be used to overcome the problems faced by Hures’ current Client/Server technology

An alternative Architecture that can over comer problems faced by current Client/Server is the Three- tier model and N-tier model architectures. Three-tier architecture meets the requirements of large scale Internet and intranet client/server applications. It is more scalable, robust and flexible and can integrate data from multiple sources. This can solve the problem the company is facing of difficulty in configuring applications into client-server modules and in modifying the configuration in response to user feedback as...
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