Client conceptualization

Topics: Cognitive behavioral therapy, Psychology, Psychotherapy Pages: 4 (1303 words) Published: September 25, 2014
Counselor’s Name: Jimmy Jackson
Client’s Name:
Session Number: 3
Setting: Office
Client’s Age: 8
Estimated # of Sessions Required: 15

Case Conceptualization

Client History:
Client is an eight year old, Caucasian female. The client’s mother, age 31, works out of the home. She in not married or in a relationship at this time. Client’s mother is the sole provider for client and her bother, age 10. Client’s mother stated that, “their dad left when she was just a baby and they have had no contact with him since”. Client’s mother stated that client’s dad would drink beer on a regular basis during the time in which they were married. Client’s mother voiced that she and client’s father would argue in front of the children before he left, but they were never violent. Client’s mother voiced that she does not drink alcohol or take drugs and never has. Client’s mother stated that she has never been in jail or in trouble with the law. The current legal status of client’s father is unknown at this time, as he now lives “out of state”. Client’s mother has never remarried and has not brought any boyfriends around the children. Client’s mother stated that client interacts well with her brother, but “they start out playing nice then they get rough and someone starts to cry”.

Client is going to be in the second grade at a local public school next year. Her grades in school are not consistent, varying from A’s to F’s. Client is indifferent about going to school and stated that she “doesn’t care if I have to go or not”. Client goes to a separate class to help her with her math and reading. Client began this last year, and mother states that there has been some improvement. Client does not have many friends at school. She has been suspended for hitting and kicking other students. When asked why she was aggressive with the other students, client responded, “they were being mean to me and talking about my kitty”. When asked about her pregnancy with the client, her...
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