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cleverness can defeat strength

By choclatechunkycakes01 May 02, 2014 550 Words
Cuba has many special things about it such as but not limited to its beaches, the culture and the food. As of 2010, Cuba’s population was 11,264,141. Cuba is also famous for Fidel Castro, the countries leader who has been running the country for over 30 years. Unlike the United States of America, Cuba does not have a democratic government; Cuba is run as a communist country. Communist means the people do not elect its government. FOODS IN CUBA

Some Cubans don’t lean towards to seafood or fish, some Cubans incline to rice, beans, pork, fried or baked plantains, here are some foods you may know like Arroz con pollo which is chicken and seasoned rice. A favorite in Cuba is arroz con frijoles. Other delicious foods include arroz con pollo. The Cuban sandwich is popular and it was invented by Cuban workers in Florida in the 1880s. Tostones are a traditional appetizer which are twice-fried plantain slices. The most popular desserts are flan, which is Cuban cheesecake, and arroz con leche which is like tapioca pudding.

Lifestyle/Economy of Cuba
Cuba is not one to call shoppers because Cuba doesn’t shop like we do; Cuba is more of an educational shopping experience. Cuba also likes to shop for cigars and rum. The Cuban economy is a state-controlled economy overseen by the Cuban government. The amount of public sector employment to private sector employment ratio is increasing on the public side. Cuba significantly outperforms the rest of Latin America in infant and child mortality, and a lot more social and health dictators. Cuba has improved in distribution of income since the 1950s. The Soviet Union was once Cuba’s main trading partner before the collapse in 1990. The economy is rapidly recovering since 2000. The number of doctors per capita is #1 in the world. Cuba has one of the largest professional workforces in the world. Cubans usually don’t pay much for housing and transportation costs. Cubans receive free education and they have one of the best educational systems in the world. Corruption is far lower than most Latin American countries, although it is quite common.

Beaches in Cuba
Cuba may be best known for their wondrous beaches. Playa Ancion is a place in Cuba and it’s close to Havana. Playa Paraiso and Playa Sirena are two connected beaches on the protected western end of the island of Cuba. These two beaches are the most tourist filled beaches in Cuba. Varadero is a 13 mile long beach. Cuba is a great place, loaded with beaches. http://www.cuba-made-easy/beachesincuba

Dictatorship Cuba has been dictated for over 30 years by Fidel Castro, Fidel Castro became dictator on the year 1959. Fidel castro is still dictating to this very day as we speek but fidel is very old and sick

We picked this topic because cuba is a very intereting topic to choose from other and it has so many things to talk about so that’s why we picked cuba.

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